About Us


In the spring of 1989, our family moved to Italy. By August, we'd settled into a small cottage on a vineyard in the Tuscan hills and began to find our daily rhythm. Before the sun would get too high, we'd tend our vegetable garden or take a walk to gather wild mushrooms or chestnuts.

By 9:00, we'd head into town, first to the cafe' for cappuccinos and then quick to the bakery before everything was gone. We'd go shop to shop gathering the makings of that night's dinner. Last stop would be the enoteca, the local wineshop. I still love the process of pairing the evening's meal with the perfect wine.

At ENO we offer you the charm of an old world neighborhood setting with a sophisticated and unique selection of wines from around the globe at reasonable prices. Taste your way through countries, regions, and varietals. Explore on your own or get recommendations from our knowledgeable staff.

We look forward to sharing our excitement about the wines, brews, and spirits we carry in our shop. Come down and see what we have to offer.

Jerry and Roberta Ehrlich